Nano Hearing Aids: Review, Changing Batteries, and Comparisons

Buying the right hearing aid online can be a challenge. You’ll find a wide range of price differences and quality from different manufacturers. It is extremely important to understand the reputation of each manufacturer and then choose the type of hearing aid you need. 

The AARP says that the average price of a hearing aid a few years ago was $2,300. Some models sold by audiologists even reach into the $12,000+ range. Hearing aids tend to be expensive for two main reasons: lack of consumer choice and lack of pricing transparency.

Some hearing aid models have a lot of features packed into them and are built with quality, made-in-the-USA components. Others are simply bought from a dealer in China, imported, and marked up for sale in the United States, often with egregious profit margins. 

Learning about hearing aid manufacturers and making an informed choice about hearing aid types will help you find a great solution, without spending a lot of money online.

This article will review important information about Nano Hearing Aids so you can learn more about the company and their hearing aid models:

  • What are Nano Hearing Aids?
  • Nano Hearing Aids Return Policy
  • Nano Hearing Aids Products and Pricing
  • Nano Hearing Aids Batteries
  • Nano Hearing Aids Reviews
  • Nano Hearing Aids Alternative: ZVOX Voicebuds


What are Nano Hearing Aids?

Nano Hearing Aids is a newer company that was founded in 2017. They specifically point out that the hearing aid industry is “monopolized by big greedy companies that charge $3,500-$6,000 for a pair of hearing aids - while the real cost to manufacture is significantly less.” Like other online hearing aid providers, Nano claims to remove the middleman and make hearing aids more affordable. 

A doctor of audiology recently reviewed Nano Hearing Aids for the very practice that their brand rallies against - egregious profit margins and markups. Whether this doctor’s claim is accurate or not, and despite the striking similarities between a $20 Alibaba device and the $800 Nano CIC model, you should make your own decisions about how much of a markup is warranted. The component quality, where the components are manufactured, the technology, where a model is assembled, the warranty and support all factor into the cost of a given model.

Nano Hearing Aids has a Better Business Bureau rating of “Revoked.” According to the BBB website regarding Nano Hearing Aids: 

“On 10/16/2019 this business's accreditation in the BBB was revoked by the BBB's Board of Directors due to its failure to adhere to the BBB requirement that Accredited Businesses meet and abide by the following standards:

  • 1. Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.
  • 1D. Be free of an unsatisfactory rating and maintain at least a B rating at the accrediting BBB and the BBB where it is headquartered, if different.” 
  • A manufacturer’s reputation is highly important because it directly relates to quality, support, and satisfaction. From this basic criteria, Nano has failed to maintain their reputation with the leading organization that deals with corporate trust - the Better Business Bureau. The BBB was founded in 1912 and is a private, nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust.

    In sharp contrast, hearing aid manufacturers like ZVOX have a BBB rating of “A+”, and also have a 4 out of 5 star customer rating. 


    Nano Hearing Aids Return Policy


    Returns from Nano Hearing Aids are not as straightforward as they are with other manufacturers, like ZVOX (a manufacturer that has a straightforward and simple, 60-day return policy). 

    The Nano Hearing Aids returns policy has several important steps that you must take before you can return a product. If you don’t abide by their precise steps, you may have trouble returning your purchase from Nano. Here is a summary of their returns process: 

    Nano Hearing Aids requires a user to adhere to their “Bona Fide Evaluation Period Process.” What does that mean? In short, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the phone with Nano Hearing Aids salesmen. You must wait 21 days and have at least two phone calls with a Nano hearing aid specialist before you can even begin to return the devices. While on one of the two required calls, they will attempt to sell you “tune up services and other service plans.” If you’ve ever tried to cancel your cable television subscription, this process sounds a lot like that. 

    If you manage to successfully navigate the Nano process, you’ll have a real 24-day return window left (45-day window minus the 21-day “Bona Fide Evaluation Period Process”). In addition, you’ll need to get a RMA number from Nano before you ship the hearing aids back to them. 


    Nano Hearing Aids Products and Pricing


    Nano Hearing Aids has several models of hearing aids to choose from. Prices are accurate at the time this article was written. Their prices range from $2,997 at the high end to $999 at the low end before discounts. Discounted prices go from $397 to $797. 

    The 6 models that Nano Hearing Aids sells are:

    • Nano Sigma
    • Nano X2 Recharge
    • Nano X2
    • Nano RX2000
    • Nano CIC Recharge
    • Nano CIC


    Nano Sigma


    The Nano Sigma Hearing Aids are smartphone-enabled and have these features:

    • Control hearing aids via bluetooth + Nano's mobile app
    • Adjustable modes via the app
    • Noise reduction technology


    Nano X2 Recharge


    The Nano X2 Recharge is like the X2, but rechargeable and has these features:

    • Includes portable charging case
    • Digital, noise filtering and cancelling technology


    Nano X2


    The Nano X2 has these features:

    • Digital, noise filtering and cancelling technology
    • Discrete, behind-ear location


    Nano RX2000


    The Nano RX2000 is rechargeable and has these features:

    • 16-hour (claimed) battery life
    • Discrete, behind-ear location
    • Micro-USB charger


    Nano CIC Recharge


    The Nano CIC Recharge is the rechargeable version of the Nano CIC and has these features:

    • Mini rechargeable CIC hearing aid
    • DSP noise cancelling clear sound system
    • 6 different plugs to tailor fit your ear canal anatomy
    • Customizable volume control


    Nano CIC 


    The Nano CIC Recharge is the rechargeable version of the Nano CIC and has these features:

    • Mini CIC hearing aid


    Nano Hearing Aids Reviews


    Many hearing aid buyers look at consumer reviews before they make a decision. Nano Hearing Aids has many reviews available to read on the internet - both positive and negative. 


    Positive Nano Hearing Aids Reviews


    Carl S.  said on August 8, 2020:
    “I Love my Nano hearing aides, I tried another company and I didn’t like them and early one Sunday morning I was on my computer and saw a notice of who was the best hearing aids so I checked it out and decided to try Nano and Nano is much better than the other ones! I would recommend Nano to other people!”


    Negative Nano Hearing Aids Reviews


    Cindy A said on July 19, 2020:
    “PLEASE RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! The hearing aids did not have a long enough tube for the above the ear kind. It hurt terribly. We returned them within the 45 days for a refund. This was 3 months ago and we still do not have a refund. They continually say they are working on it but doubt that very seriously. My dad then tried their In ear type and it didn't work either. the little cups kept getting stuck in his ear! Almost not able to get them out! Wanted to return them but they said he already used his warranty and would not allow another return! Didn't want to even select one star, but had to.”

    Verla G. said on July 7, 2020:
    “Returned hearing aids to Nano as per their instructions on Oct 27, 2019 for refund of $397.00 purchase because they did not work/charge satisfactorily. After 8 months or repeated phone calls and emails, I have still not received refund. Nano representative told me that refund could not be refunded back to my credit card, and that bank account number and routing number was needed for refund. This was given to them months ago and still no refund. On the multiple times I have talked to them they say that "returned items have been inspected and okayed for refund and I would be getting the refund in about 3 weeks." Every subsequent call or email is always answered the same way and they understand my frustration, but that check will be issued within 3 weeks.”


    Nano Hearing Aids Alternative: ZVOX Voicebuds


    One alternative to the Nano Hearing Aids models is the ZVOX Voicebuds, crafted in the USA using American-made parts. 

    ZVOX Voicebuds are FDA-registered hearing aids that are backed by a 60-day home trial. Voicebuds are engineered with easy-to-use features and are designed to be adjusted by the consumer with no help needed from an audiologist. If needed, ZVOX phone and online support is always available to answer any questions.

    The ZVOX customer service centers are based in the United States in two states - Massachusetts and New Mexico. They provide one-on-one guidance for free with the purchase of any ZVOX hearing aid. 

    The ZVOX Voicebud VB20 features include:

    • VoiceBud hearing aids use a two-microphone NoiseBlocker system designed to reduce volume levels of distracting background sounds
    • High quality, American-made electronics components
    • App lets you control VoiceBud hearing aids from your smartphone or tablet
    • Wide frequency range (over 5.5 kHz) for natural, accurate sound
    • Six ear dome choices included – so you can choose the size that fits your ear
    • Includes accessories to make a single VoiceBud usable for either ear
    • Optional UV Dryer keeps VoiceBuds clean and disinfected.


    Wrap Up


    When buying a hearing aid, it pays to do some research. Consider your budget, planned usage, type of hearing aid, and manufacturer reputation when buying a hearing aid. A thoughtful, measured approach will give you the best chance of finding a device that discretely fits your ear and provides the right level amplification and noise cancellation for your hearing. 

    Most importantly, always bear in mind manufacturer reputation. They’re the ones you’ll be dealing with if something goes wrong. 

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