New Study Links Minor Hearing Loss To Dementia.

A study released in November of 2019 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed that even a small hearing loss can lead to cognitive problems and even dementia.

In fact, treating hearing loss is the most important way to control dementia – more important that controlling smoking, high blood pressure and social isolation.

The New York Times article is fascinating – particularly the part describing how very few people who need hearing aids actually own hearing aids. We think a big part of that is cost…especially for people who have only a mild or moderate hearing loss.

It’s easy to say “My hearing is ok. I just have trouble once in a while. I don’t need expensive hearing aids.” But what the study reveals is that minor hearing losses have the biggest effect on cognitive ability. In other words, if you have a slight problem with your hearing, you can reduce your risk of dementia by treating that hearing loss.

So we suggest you get a hearing test from a trained professional. If you don’t want to bother with that, at least take our free hearing screening test. (

If the test shows you have mild to moderate hearing loss, why not test one of our VoiceBud hearing aids using our 60-day home trial option. It might be the most valuable investment you can make for your ongoing health.