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ZVOX sound systems are popular with school systems because they are simple to install, simple to use and can fill a large classroom with sound.

Voice Clarity.

The unsurpassed vocal quality of the ZVOX AccuVoice system is perfect for the classroom. Whether it’s a teacher lecturing or a student questioning, everyone can hear every word – without high volume levels.

One Cabinet.

All the speakers, the amplifier, the powered subwoofer are all in one cabinet. Installation is simple and elegant.

Multiple Inputs.

You can connect wireless microphones, mixers, media players or disc players to a ZVOX system. Plenty of inputs to go around.

Try One For 60 Days.

The ZVOX 60 day trial offer lets you test a system in a classroom so you can decide for yourself if we fit the bill.

School Testimonials:

"I looked at a lot of different systems, but I liked the ZVOX because it's only 17" wide, and has all its speakers and amplifiers in a single cabinet." Gary Feagley, Juniata College, Huntington, PA

 "We designed a custom lectern built around the ZVOX unit," said Clark. "We have audio from a computer, a laptop, DVD/VCR, and a microphone running through the it via an Extron MPS112 switcher. The faculty that I have shown it to are truly blown away! I brought a group of engineers in to the room where the prototype has been installed and they spent 5 minutes scouring the room for hidden speakers. The sound fills the room without overpowering the folks in the front row. The ZVOX gives a tremendous bang for our buck. We have made the unit an integral part of our UNC Charlotte Standard Technology Enhanced Classroom Specification for small to medium-sized rooms. I look forward to installing quite a few more of these in the near future."  Steve Clark, UNC Charlotte

"Whenever I purchase online I am interested in only three things: a quick and timely purchase, speedy delivery and a quality product. ZVOX Audio provided me with this experience! The product itself is amazing! Just as PCWorld's review had promised, I was up and running in approximately 60 seconds. As a teacher, I bought the system to use in conjunction with a DLP projector and computer. The sound fills my classroom as advertised! I am extremely delighted with ZVOX Audio and their wonderful product." - George M., New York Public School

A partial list of schools using ZVOX audio systems:

  • Hougton College
  • Juniata College
  • Nyack Public Schools
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • University of New Mexico
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Woodbury University

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