AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology
AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology

AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones With AccuVoice Technology

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Great Sound and Features - For Listeners of All Ages. And "Super Great" If You're Over 50.

The ZVOX AV50s noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones sound wonderful -- immersive, realistic, high-fidelity sound...including tight, accurate bass. But that's just the beginning:

  •  Advanced noise cancellation technology.  Noise from jet engines, wind, crowds and air conditioners are all reduced or eliminated. Try them on your next plane trip - you'll be amazed at how relaxed you feel when the plane lands.
  • AccuVoice technology. The AV50s use ZVOX AccuVoice technology to give a boost to voices while they reduce unwanted noise. So you understand dialogue clearly, without having to turn up the volume. 
  • aptX Bluetooth. You can connect AV50s using the supplied cord, or connect to your phone, tablet or laptop computer using aptX Bluetooth technology. With an optional Bluetooth transmitting device, you can also connect to your TV. 
  • Light and comfortable. The AV50s are lighter than many noise cancelling headphones -- less than half a pound. 
  • Hands free phone calls. The AV50s have a microphone in the right ear cup that allows you to make hands free phone calls with your cell phone. You hear the caller - but not the crowd around you.
  •  Slim carrycase. It's easy to travel with AV50 headphones because they fold flat - the case is only 2.5" thick.



hi tech headphones for half the price of competitors

For less than half the price of competing models, our new AV50 noise cancelling headphones really deliver. Great sound. Advanced noise cancellation technology. AccuVoice dialogue boost. All in a stylish, light, comfortable design that folds up to the size of a large paperback book. Now, for the price of conventional headphones you can get ZVOX AccuVoice noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

active noise cancellation will change how you listen

The AV50s use two microphones (hidden under the ear pads) to listen for outside noises. Those sounds are then fed into a processor that negates them by creating matching out-of-phase signals. Sound complicated? Well, it is! But all you need to know is that it works. And at the end of a three hour plane ride, you won't feel "beaten up" by the incessant sound of the jet engines. Our advanced noise cancellation system also reduces sounds of trains, fans, air conditioners and those annoying leaf-blowers we all hate.

the first headphones with accuvoice dialogue boost

The AV50s are the first headphones with AccuVoice technology for improved voice clarity. When in Noise Cancelling mode, they reduce distracting sounds while providing a subtle boost to voices. You'll hear every word clearly - even on old movies with poorly recorded soundtracks, and on shows with strong British accents.

connect with a cord or high performance aptX bluetooth

Our noise cancelling headphones use aptX Bluetooth for high quality sound - wirelessly. Or you can use the included cord to connect with your device, or with the in-flight entertainment system on a plane.

LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - and they fold flat for storage

The AV50s weigh less than most competing models - under half a pound. Our ergonomic design and memory foam earpads make them super-comfy. Plus they fold flat for storage so they will slide easily into your briefcase or handbag.

four great designer colors

The AV50 headphones look as good as they sound. They have a minimalist look that is practical and stylish. And you can choose from basic black, deep blue, dark red or rose gold finishes.

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Solid competitor...

I bought these on a whim during the Kickstarter campaign. Familiar with the brand as my mother, who is losing some hearing, was unable to make out voices on the television. Their Soundbar solved that problem. Understanding the AccuVoice technology would mean the REVERSE of that technology (removing the noises outside the headphones) would work perfectly on noise canceling headphones. I love the overall product: weight, sound, visual build quality... Love the corded option (easier on the battery). Easy instructions and easy prompts. Easy to connect via Bluetooth. All that said, I have to give one star ding due to the occasional “beep” I get through the headphones. The good news is that it is tolerable as it is happening only about every 15 minutes. It was almost like some kind of Bluetooth or other signal checkin. I have only used them with Bluetooth and will pair them to my newer 6th gen iPad to see if it may be related to the older iPhone. All in all, a solid competitor in the ANC market- thank you ZVOX!

Larry L.
United States

Generally excellent

Overall I am very pleased with the product. There are a few issues that detract from it being 5-stars: 1) The manual clearly states the volume buttons work when the headset is in a corded connection (in fact it explicitly outlines the best way to use them in this configuration), however the volume buttons do NOT work in corded operation, only Bluetooth. 2) It supports AptX but neither AptX HD nor AptX LL, seems like an oversight for a brand new product but AptX works very well for my purposes so it’s only a minor complaint. The voice clarity is outstanding, as is typical with ZVOX products and they are comfortable to wear. I haven’t yet used them in a situation where the noise cancelling circuitry might come in handy so I cannot comment on how effective that is.

Doug Simon

Good Product

I bought a pair on the Kickstarter program, and they just arrived. So far, they seem pretty much as advertised. The bass is substantial, as would be expected today. The noise cancellation does have an effect on the program when playing music, but it's very small and certainly preferable to hearing the background noise. The noise cancellation is great. My only question is why the Accuvoice function seems always to be activated with noise cancellation. It's either that, or Accuvoice is always activated, but I doubt that would be the case. In any event, there is no independent control for Accuvoice. This may all make sense, but it would seem to me that many listeners would choose to turn off Accuvoice when listening to music. I would, and without the choice, it's not possible to tell if there would be an improvement. My lingering thought is that the small artifacts I heard using noice cancellation might be from Accuvoice. In summary, I'm happy with the purchase, but I would like to hear more from Zvox on how Accuvoice is implemented.

ZVOX Audio

Hi Doug, Thank you for your feedback. We designed the Accuvoice technology in our AV50 headphones to improve the signal to noise ratio of dialogue relative to non-dialogue material. Incorporating it into the noise cancelling mode makes sense - it makes the headphones easier to use as there’s fewer permutations of functionality when combining the two. The EQ of the AccuVoice mode not only helps improve the focus of dialogue, it helps to tighten the bass response too. Our choice of AccuVoice EQ was made to improve both music and voice clarity performance vs. operating the headphones in passive mode. Thank you for being an early backer on our Kickstarter campaign!