can't hear voices on tv? we can fix that!

ZVOX AccuVoice® Speaker uses improved hearing aid technology to make dialogue crystal clear.

Our AccuVoice® AV200 Speaker uses patented hearing aid technology for the clearest TV dialogue we have ever heard. Digital algorithms lift voices out of background sounds. The AV200 delivers two levels of voice boost – in case you need extra clarity! Only 17" wide, it fits anywhere. Hookup is simple – one connecting cord. Room-filling home theater sound, with the clearest voices we’ve heard on any speaker, at any price. Find out why our original AccuVoice Speaker has over 2100 4.5-Star reviews on Amazon.



The AccuVoice AV200 Speaker uses patented technology to make voices clear and easy to understand when you watch a program, movie or sporting event on TV. The speaker uses a high-speed computer processor and advanced algorithms to separate voices from the rest of the soundtrack. It then manipulates those voices to make them clear and understandable. The results are remarkable.


ZVOX Audio was founded in 2003 by industry veterans Tom Hannaher (Best Buy, Advent, Apple Computer, Cambridge SoundWorks) and George Samuels (Ohm, EPI, Genesis, Cambridge SoundWorks). The ZVOX VP of Product Development is Jarl Salmela (ADS, MB Quart, Cambridge SoundWorks), one of the best amplified speaker designers (if not the best) on the planet. Our goal is to make high-quality, high-performance sound systems that are easy to use. To achieve that goal, we have "reinvented" the TV sound system several times.

In 2004 we introduced a system CNET called the first commercially successful sound bar. In 2008 we came out with the world's first SoundBase style home theater system. In 2012, responding to a growing crisis of incomprehensible TV dialogue, we introduced our AccuVoice feature -- which uses hearing aid technology to make voices clear, even at low volumes.

Being an innovator has allowed ZVOX to survive and grow in a highly, highly competitive field. We enjoy our David vs. Goliath position in the marketplace. It lets us have fun and try new things without the approval of some Wall Street investment group. We may not drive Bentleys, but we have a lot of fun.

How ZVOX AccuVoice Speaker Uses Hearing Aid Technology To Make TV Voices Clear.

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