Don't settle for a single microphone hearing aid.

FDA-registered VB20 hearing aids from ZVOX use two microphones in combination with a computer processor so you hear more of what’s in front of you – and less unwanted sound from in back of you. Dual microphone directional hearing devices normally sell for two to three times as much as VB20s. But because of our buying power we deliver this highly desirable feature at the most affordable price point ever. So now you can get a dual-microphone directional hearing device for less than the price of most single microphone systems.

- FREE Shipping, 60-Day In Home Trial, FREE Return Shipping.

- App lets you control VoiceBud hearing aids from your smartphone or tablet.

- High quality American-made electronics components.

- For mild to moderate hearing loss.

- Available in Beige Or Silver.

- Reg. $599.99 pair Sale $299.99 pair Save $300

Hearing Aid Comparison Chart

Brand/Model Price per Pair Return Policy Better Business Bureau Customer Rating Better Business Bureau Rating Free Lifetime Support Dual Microphones for Reduced Background Sounds App Control Rechargable FDA Registered
ZVOX VB20s $299.99 60 Days - No Restocking Fee ★★★★ A+ Yes - Yes Yes No Yes
Lively $1,850.00 100 Days ★★★★★ A No - Three Year Support No Yes No Yes
MD Hearing Air $399.98 45 Days ★★★ A+ ? No No No Yes
Nano X2.0 $697.00 45 Days ★★★★ B- Accreditation Revoked ? Yes No No Yes
Otofonix Encore $598.00 45 Days N/A A- Not Accredited Yes No No No Yes

"Outstanding value. The ability of these aids to enhance my impaired hearing is comparable to that of my previous pair, which were 'state-of-the-art', tuned to my hearing, and which cost $5,000."

- ZVOX Customer Five-Star Review