Hotel Guestroom Sound


Why more hotels add audio systems to their guest room TVs


The speakers built into flat screen TVs are barely adequate for news broadcasts, let alone movies or music. A quality TV sound system goes a long way toward improving the guest’s experience.

When guests can’t understand TV dialogue, what do they do?

They turn up the volume, of course. And when that doesn’t solve the problem, they turn it up some more. If you’ve ever worked in a hotel you know what happens next – the neighboring guest calls the front desk to complain.


The AccuVoice Difference.


Our proprietary AccuVoice technology lifts voices out of background sounds so dialogue is clear, even at low volumes. AccuVoice is the perfect choice for hoteliers.

Why choose ZVOX?

AccuVoice aside, ZVOX sound systems combine simplicity, style, sound quality and ease of installation. That’s why a number of hotels have installed our systems in their guestrooms. Our systems provide a wide range of benefits to hoteliers:

  • High-performance surround sound from a single cabinet.
  • Clear sound at low volumes.
  • Simple to install – simple to use.
  • No extra remote needed – integrates with interactive television/VOD systems.
  • Convenient MP3/iPod connection and/or Bluetooth streaming.

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