ZVOX SoundBase 670, Certified

ZVOX SoundBase 670, Certified

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  • Works well with TVs up to 65" in size (TV pedestal/feet should be 35" wide or less).
  • Theater-quality sound -- including thunderous bass -- from one slim cabinet - no external speakers or speaker wires.
  • Wireless streaming music from you phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth.
  • AccuVoice ffeature uses hearing aid technology for super-clear dialog reproduction.
  • Three built-in subwoofers for excellent bass on music and movies.
  • Fits under your TV or on furniture below - simple one-wire hookup. One page manual!

The ZVOX SoundBase® 670 produces rich, room-filling home theater sound without all the clutter of a traditional surround sound system.  

Only 3.5” high, it contains five full range speakers (including three center speakers). But it virtually disappears when placed under your TV. Connection is simple – only one wire! But the sound is fantastic, with super-clear vocals and powerful bass from three built-in powered subwoofers.

The SoundBase 670 is the perfect home theater system for people who want fantastic sound, great style and innovative features – without the clutter and complexity of conventional surround sound systems.