Warranty- Repair United Kingdom

ZVOX guarantees that the system is free from defects in material and manufacture for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. For the purpose of making a warranty claim with ZVOX Audio, a Return Authorization is required by ZVOX Audio and the system must be sent to the address provided. The repair of a ZVOX product must be carried out by a service center authorized by ZVOX. With respect to defects, ZVOX, at its discretion, will repair any defect in the product or replace it at no charge to the original purchaser for spare parts or manufacture. If ZVOX chooses to replace the system, the condition of the replacement system will be equivalent to the condition of the ZVOX system as received for the service. This ZVOX guarantee is valid for ZVOX systems purchased in the European territory and used by a customer in Europe. ZVOX can not provide service to an owner of a ZVOX system outside European territory. This warranty does not cover any defect, malfunction, physical damage or failure caused by misuse, abuse, accident, faulty connection, improper electrical source, defective associated equipment or use of the system with equipment for which it was not designed. The only acceptable method to establish the warranty status is a copy of the original invoice indicating the customer's name and date of purchase. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase of the product. The owner of the ZVOX product should contact the retailer who sold the ZVOX system to inquire about the warranty service. A Repair Authorization by ZVOX does not include the cost of shipping the ZVOX system to the ZVOX repair center. You must use the appropriate ZVOX cartons and shock absorbers to send your unit to ZVOX. We recommend that you keep the cardboard boxes in your system and all the corner and side cushions. This two (2) year limited warranty does not cover the cost of replacing cardboard boxes for shipping and packaging of packaging materials. The owner of the ZVOX system is responsible for the shipping charges to ZVOX Audio using the shipping method of your choice. ZVOX is not responsible for the physical damage suffered by a product during the return shipment to ZVOX Audio, or during return shipping to the owner of the ZVOX system, regardless of the nature of the Return Authorization. ZVOX Audio suggests using a shipper to provide you with a tracking number. A ZVOX system owner outside of the United States of America should contact the ZVOX retailer in the country where he purchased the ZVOX system to inquire about the warranty service. Then, you can be referred to the authorized ZVOX distributor in that country. This is the only and express guarantee. This warranty shall prevail over all other warranties, express or implied, of merchantability, fitness for use or others. ZVOX Audio LLC will not be liable, in any case, for accessory or indirect damages with respect to defects beyond the obligations specified above. Except as expressly provided herein, ZVOX Audio LLC will have no liability to the buyer or any other person or entity, with respect to any obligation, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of the product, including but not limited to any damage.