AccuVoice Dialogue Enhancing TV Speakers

Can't hear voices on television? AccuVoice TV speakers use hearing aid technology for clear dialogue.

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AccuVoice AV70 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable battery-powered speaker with built-in microphone and AccuVoice dialogue clarity, perfect for Zoom calls!


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Sound Bars And Sound Bases

Our high-performance sound bars and sound bases have AccuVoice technology and built-in powered subwoofers.

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Remotes Etc.

Need a replacement remote control, power supply, or hearing aid accessory? You'll find them all right here.

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The Most Highly Reviewed TV Sound Company Ever?

ZVOX AccuVoice clearly had the most powerful voice boost capabilities.

The New York Times Wirecutter

Made voices louder and clearer.

The Wall Street Journal

No need to struggle hearing your TV anymore. These slim speakers allow everyone in the room to hear audio with vocal enhancements.


The ZVOX is a great soundbar for people tired of subtitles.


Great for people who have trouble hearing the TV.


The AccuVoice assumes you actually want to hear what the characters are saying. Recommended.


The best solution to hearing what people say on TV.


Blows away the sound built into your TV.

NBC's Today Show

Could be the sound bar to beat this year.


Best Buy

Consumer's Digest

Remarkably ingenious.

Sound & Vision magazine

ZVOX Was The First To Perfect The Sound Bar.


Bigger Audio Dynamite.

Wall St. Journal

Impressive Sound Without The Clutter.

TV Guide

A Genuine Audiophile Quality System.


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Can't Hear Voices On TV?

AccuVoice Is The Answer.

ZVOX is the industry leader in dialogue-boosting speakers. Our AccuVoice TV Speakers use patented hearing aid technology to lift voices out of background noises, making dialogue clear and easy to understand - even at low volumes.

Watch this video to learn how AccuVoice can help you hear crystal clear TV dialogue again.