ZVOX AccuVoice TV Listening Technology Benefits The Hearing Impaired

Millions of people have some degree of hearing loss that affects their TV listening -- especially people over the age of 50 who grew up listening to loud rock music. Many people with hearing impairment -- some of whom wear hearing aids, and others who don't -- have benefited greatly from our AccuVoice technology.



Why Hearing Aids Are Not Enough For TV Listening



Many people with good hearing aids still have trouble understanding dialogue on TV shows. This is usually due to a combination of two factors:

1. Modern flat-screen TVs have tiny speakers. TV makers clearly don't care much about sound. So they use miniature speakers facing backwards in most new TVs. All hearing aids do is let you better hear how bad your TV sounds.

2. Audio mixing techniques have changed. Movies focus on dramatic music and explosions. Sports broadcasts focus on exciting crowd noise. There is no Academy Award for "Clearest Dialogue."

We've worked with a number of audiologists and we all agree. The winning formula is hearing aids + AccuVoice = happy viewer.

All current ZVOX sound systems include the AccuVoice feature. This can eliminate the need for a separate TV listening device for hearing impaired. But one in particular, the AccuVoice TV Speaker, is designed specifically to optimize dialogue clarity.


How Does AccuVoice Work?


For a better understanding of our AccuVoice technology, read our White Paper and watch our video here. 


AccuVoice Speakers

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