Assistive Listening Devices: TV For The Hearing Impaired

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What Is An Assistive Listening Device (ALD)?

An assistive listening device iis used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations where they are unable to distinguish speech in noise. Often in a noisy or crowded room it is almost impossible for an individual who is hard of hearing to distinguish one voice among many.


Assistive Listening Devices For TV.

tv assistive listeningA common variety of assisted listening device is designed to be connected to a TV to allow the viewer to better understand dialogue. Traditionally these devices consist of a device connected to the TV that send signals wirelessly to a set of heaphones. But recently a different type of TV assisted listening device has evolved -- the ALD speaker. The best Assistive Listening Device speakers use digital algorithms to remove speech from the TV soundtrack, and then manipulate the voices to make them more clear. The two primary benefits of Assistive Listening Device speakers are: 1) everyone in the room benefits from the improved sound quality and voice clarity and 2) they avoid the "ear fatigue" often brought on by headphones after 20-60 minutes of listening.


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ZVOX AccuVoice Speakers Assistive Listening Devices

All current ZVOX sound systems include our AccuVoice technology that assists your ability to understand dialogue, even at low volume levels. You can buy a small TV speaker, or a full-blown soundbar or soundbase home theater system. When purchased directly from the ZVOX web site ( or through our Call Center (866-367-9869), our TV Assistive Listening Device speakers come with a 60-day home trial.

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