AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker
AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker

AV70 Portable Bluetooth AccuVoice Speaker

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  • FREE Shipping, 60-Day In Home Trial
  • Hearing aid technology clarifies voices.
  • Hear every word on calls and video conferences
  • Great for music, movies, TV shows on your tablet, phone or laptop.
  • Hands-free microphone.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for 30 hours
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2.2"

the first conference speaker with Accuvoice dialogue clarifying technology.

Do you have trouble understanding people on video conference calls? We can fix that! The new AV70 AccuVoice conference speaker connects to your phone, tablet or laptop – via Bluetooth or connecting wire – so you can hear every word clearly, even at low volumes. Our AccuVoice technology makes voices understandable so you don't have to keep asking people to repeat themselves. The built-in microphone picks up voices from all directions, so you can have 1-12 people participating with only one speaker. We believe the AV70 could revolutionize video conference calls and make everyone's time more productive.

the world's smallest home theater system?

The AV70 also sounds great with music and movie soundtracks. It uses a wide range speaker, reinforced by a long-throw passive radiator that adds fullness and punchy bass to the sound. We think you will be amazed at how good it sounds. Plus ZVOX AccuVoice technology means you'll hear every word of dialogue clearly.

great music anywhere – even under the tree – with 30 hours of battery life.

The AV70 can bring great sound – either music or TV sound – just about anywhere. Just connect using the long-range Bluetooth technology and listen to your favorite music or radio shows in the kitchen, the bedroom, the office or your back yard. With its powerful battery the AV70 produces big sound for over 30 hours before needing a charge. Plus if your TV can send out a Bluetooth signal, you can have the game on in the living room and listen from the kitchen -- or the outdoor patio. It's the perfect holiday gift...open it first and set it up under the tree!

small. simple. yet amazingly big.

The AV70 is only 4" wide and 2.2" high. You can literally fit it in your pocket. It's easy to use – connect with Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, laptop and TV and it will automatically pair the next time you turn it on. Control volume using the buttons on the speaker, or use your device. Either way you will be impressed by the rich, room-filling sound that comes from such a compact device.

stylish, in black or white.

The AV70 looks as good as it sounds, with a stylishly simple design. If it's in a corner office, a home office/bedroom or a designer living room – it fits in gracefully.


ZVOX is the leader in voice clarity technology in speakers. Our AccuVoice technology boosts and sharpens voices so you won't miss anything on conference calls. And it makes TV and movie dialogue clear and understandable.

The AV70 combines "old school" classic speaker design techniques with modern DSP technology to produce rich, musically accurate sound, including a surprising amount of bass. We compared it to bigger, more expensive Bluetooth speakers and it easily held its ground. If you don't believe us, try it for 4 or 5 weeks – if you don't love it, return it. But you'll love it.

Only 4" wide by 2.2" high the AV70 will fit just about anywhere. And its powerful battery keeps the music playing for over 30 hours without a charge.