Watching More TV With The Family? AccuVoice Makes It Easier For Everyone To Hear Voices Clearly

More families are spending more time at home due to COVID-19 - and watching more TV. But flat-screen TVs use tiny speakers with tinny sound, so it's often hard to understand dialogue, particularly for those with hearing loss. If they turn the volume up, everything gets louder. The problem is that voices don't get any more clear, and it can blow the people with normal hearing out of the room. Closed captioning can help but for many it distracts from what’s happening on the screen.

ZVOX has solved this problem for over 300,000 families. ZVOX speakers use patented AccuVoice hearing aid technology to make dialogue crystal clear, even at low volumes. Digital algorithms literally lift voices out of background sounds and clarify. Here's how our customers describe AccuVoice:

“Amazing, Brilliant and exactly what every family needs if they have someone with a hearing disability. Now we can enjoy TV and DVD’s together without the volume blasting those, without hearing problems out of the room.” – Amazon customer

“This sound bar works wonderfully for our family. My husband, who is slightly hard of hearing and refuses to try hearing aids, can finally listen to the television without cranking up to volume so that it is too loud for the rest of us. The sound bar was incredibly easy to set up, and in the two months that we have been using it we've been very pleased.” – Amazon customer

“Wonderful! I could hear conversations clearly again without raising the volume so high that it drives my wife out of the room.! Saved our marriage!” – Joseph B.

“We love this product, a real game changer in our TV watching for the entire family, now our hearing impaired family member can actually enjoy his shows.” - Henry B.