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Which sound bar has the best voice clarity?

A sound bar is a compact bar-shaped speaker system designed to create home theater sound for your TV -- without the complexity and expense of a multi-speaker sound system. Only a few sound bars are designed to reproduce dialogue with maximum clarity. 


The Importance Of Center Channel Speakers.

Most sound bars do not include dedicated center speakers, which are crucial for voice clarity. Systems with center speakers usually cost more, but if clear dialogue is important to you, the extra cost is easily worth it.


Computer Algorithms That Act Like Hearing Aids.

Many brands offer sound bars with "enhanced dialogue," but most of those speakers simply boost the frequency range where most voices occur. The problem with this approach is that the "boost" makes everything in that range louder - not just the voices. The patented ZVOX AccuVoice system uses digital algorithms that separate the voices from the rest of the soundtrack. The voices are then manipulated -- using hearing aid technology -- to make them sharper and more clear. The results are astonishing. You hear every word, even at low volumes.

The tiny speakers built into flat screen TVs just don't do a good job on vocal clarity. Plus new Hollywood mixing techniques.often result in dialogue that is very difficult to understand. And many people with minor hearing impairment have difficulty understanding voices on TV. A ZVOX sound system with AccuVoice technology will make your TV sound as good as it looks.