ZVOX, The Clear Voice TV Sound Systems

How Can I Get Clear Voices On My TV Soundbar?

If you can't understand dialogue on your TV, you are not alone. Flat screen TVs have weak sound systems and often produce garbled audio. But with a ZVOX sound bar or soundbase system you can get incredibly clear voice reproduction - even at low volumes. For TV and Movies, clear voices matter!

AccuVoice - The Scientific Breakthrough For Clear Voices On TV.

The patent-pending AccuVoice system uses hearing aid technology to make voices understandable no matter where you sit in the room. It uses advanced computer algorithms to lift dialogue out of the soundtrack and bring it forward. You hear voices clearly without having to crank up the volume.

Every  ZVOX System Includes AccuVoice.

You can choose a full-blown three-subwoofer home theater system or a tiny TV speaker and get clear voices on your TV with AccuVoice processing. All our systems are easy to connect, easy to use and affordably priced. Plus we give you a 60-day home trial so you can listen for yourself -- and return it for a refund if you aren't impressed. But trust us, you'll be impressed. AccuVoice technology works. Plain and simple.

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