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Hearing Impairment and the ZVOX AccuVoice Solution.

Millions of people suffer from hearing impairment. Some of them use hearing aids -- but even high quality hearing aids don't deal with all the issues. To easily understand TV dialogue you may need a TV listening device for the hearing impaired -- a speaker, wireless headphones or "smart" hearing aids.


TV Sound Is Worse Than Ever.

As TVs get smaller, so do their speakers. Plus Hollywood's new audio mixing techniques focus on dramatic sound effects -- not clear voices. So even if you use good conventional hearing aids, you can have trouble understanding voices on TV.

Wireless Headphones For TV Viewing.

Several brands make wireless headphones you can connect to your TV. But most of them don't process the sound for people who are hearing impaired. And after 30 or 40 minutes, many people get tired of having headphones on or in their ears.

Smart Hearing Aids With Bluetooth or Coil Technology.

You can get sophisticated hearing aids with Bluetooth or "Coil" connectivity that allow them to receive the TV's audio signal directly. But these models -- and their required "streaming devices" can be quite expensive.

The AccuVoice Solution For Hearing Impairment.

ZVOX offers a variety of TV speakers for the hard of hearing -- ranging from small speakers to large home theater sound bars and soundbases. These AccuVoice-equipped speakers use hearing aid technology to make voices clear and understandable, even at low volumes. People use them in conjunction with hearing aids -- or as hearing aid substitutes. We believe our AccuVoice TV Speakers are the best on the market for the hearing impaired.


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