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What Is A SoundBase?


A soundbase or sound base is a speaker enclosure designed for a television to stand on. It creates a both stereo and home theater sound from a single cabinet, and was invented to substitute for the relatively poor sound quality of loudspeakers built into flat-screen TVs. 



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What A SoundBase Can Do For Your TV

ZVOX invented the soundbase in 2008 because we saw a need for a simple, uncluttered TV sound system. The SoundBase 550 was 28" wide and 3.3" high and enclosed a complete surround sound system including powered subwoofer. Since then, ZVOX has been the leading innovator and seller in the soundbase category.


Are All SoundBases The Same? How Do I Pick The Best SoundBase?

No. They are not. There are a number of ultra-thin plastic base-style systems on the market that just don't sound very good. That's because they don't allow enough internal space for quality speakers and woofers. Choose a soundbase with a robust cabinet (ZVOX soundbases are made of wood not plastic) and that uses quality speakers and amplifiers.  Read the reviews -- all soundbases are NOT created equal.


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Should I Choose A SoundBase or SoundBar?

A soundbar is a long slim TV speaker system designed to mount on the wall below a TV or be placed on furniture in front of a TV. Soundbase and soundbar designs can both sound very good when well designed -- so you should choose based on your room, your furniture and how you place your TV. If you wall-mount your TV you may well want to choose a TV soundbar and wall-mount it also. But many people are attracted to a simple, elegant soundbase installation -- just place the sound system on a piece of furniture, place the TV on top of it, and connect one wire between the TV and the soundbase. No fuss, no muss, no room full of speakers.

Note: some TVs now use wide-space feet rather than a center pedestal. So be sure to measure the width of those feet (or the pedestal) and be sure the soundbase you are considering is wide enough to safely hold the TV (it should be a minimum of 1" wider than the feet/pedestal).

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