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What is a TV Speaker?

A TV speaker is an compact, amplified sound system that is used in conjunction with a TV, replacing the TV's internal speaker system. Modern flat screen TVs are often so thin, there is no room for high quality speakers -- so external TV speakers can really improve sound quality, especially dialogue clarity.


How to choose a TV Speaker

tv soundbaseAre you looking for a big "home theater experience," or do you just want good sound quality and clear voice reproduction? If you want the home theater experience you should choose a good quality sound bar or soundbase as your TV speaker system. But if your focus is on dialogue clarity -- and surround sound and floor-shaking bass are not so important -- take a look at ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speakers. Our AccuVoice TV Speakers are small, simple, affordable and offer state-of-the-art voice clarity.


How do ZVox Sound Base for TV complete the home TV experience?

tv base speakerThe design team at ZVOX has been involved in many innovative TV sound projects over the years -- including creating one of the first ever true home theater systems in 1975. When we were at Cambridge SoundWorks in the 1990s we developed one of the very first stand-alone TV speaker systems. In 2004 ZVOX introduced a TV speaker that CNET called the world's first commercially successful sound bar. In 2008 we invented the soundbase home theater. And in 2014 we invented the first TV speaker focused on dialogue clarity, creating the best TV speakers for the hard of hearing. ZVOX is THE innovator in TV speaker design, and our SoundBase for TV product line is just one of our many groundbreaking innovations.

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