Wax in your ears - the enemy of good hearing. We have a solution.

As you age, wax build-up in your ears can become a real problem. If you are over 50, wax tends to be drier -- and harder to clean. 

Wax can block your ear canals, and it can literally disable hearing aids. We frequently have customers return their ZVOX hearing aids saying "they stopped working." But when we examine them we find that the ear domes are clogged with ear wax! (And the hearing aids were working just fine.)

Two solutions.

1. Get some Debrox or some other ear cleaning solution. Debrox is available at pharmacies over the counter and does a good job of cleaning wax out of your ears. If Debrox doesn't do the job, visit an audiologist and have your ears professionally cleaned.

2. ZVOX offers an affordable UV drying system for your hearing aids. Just pop them into the dryer when you go to bed, and in the morning they've been dried and sterilized -- and any wax buildup on the domes should be dry and easy to remove. Note: you should also use the supplied brush/probe tool to clean your ZVOX hearing ads at least a couple of times per week.

Remember, wax and moisture are the enemies of hearing aids! You have to fight your enemies. Here's a link to a good article in Consumer Reports.