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Home Theater Speaker Systems


ZVOX sound systems can give you rich, room-filling home theater sound – including accurate music reproduction and great bass – without a room full of wires and speaker boxes. Unlike traditional surround sound packages — which typically have five to seven speakers, a separate powered subwoofer and a receiver — a ZVOX system consists of only a single cabinet and a single connecting wire. Inside each system there are speakers, amplifiers, a powered subwoofer and our acclaimed PhaseCue virtual surround sound system. Installation takes only minutes. The SoundBase style system (above) consists of a low/wide cabinet that sits on top of a piece of furniture. Place a TV on top, connect one wire, and you've got home theater.

Home Theater Speakers by ZVOX

Our current sound bar lineup uses slim aluminum cabinets (a little over 3" deep). They can be mounted on the wall below your TV (see above). Or they can sit upright on a piece of furniture -- or "flat on their back" in a slim-profile horizontal postion. (see below).

The photo below shows the ZVOX 430, one of our first sound bar designs. When we started ZVOX in 2003, simple home theaters (e.g. sound bars) did not exist. ZVOX had to invent it. (CNET says our first product was the first commercially successful sound bar.) Since then dozens of companies have introduced sound bars and base-style home theaters. But we’ll put our systems up against any other brand, at any price. We think our combination of performance, design elegance, simplicity, features and value is unsurpassed.


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